24 season 5 (1:00 –  2:00 A.M.) Episode 19

1:00 A.M.
Jack stabilizes Audrey’s bleeding. A phone rings inside the hangar and Jack realizes it is coming from one of the dead agents. Heller is on the line, and he tells Jack that Logan refused to resign after receiving a call from Henderson. They failed to get Logan because Heller betrayed Jack.

1:02 A.M.
Jack calls Buchanan, who is with Chloe. She thinks she can use CTU’s satellite to find Henderson even though it will make her more vulnerable to being found. Chloe barks orders to Buchanan as he sets up his desktop computer.

1:05 A.M.
Jack loads Audrey into the police car that he stole from the bank shoot out.

1:06 A.M.
Henderson lets Logan know that he has not killed Jack. He also did not destroy the tape because he wants it as protection in case something happens to him, citing Cummings’ “suicide.” Logan reminds him that he was the one who deemed that death necessary.

1:07 A.M.
Chloe notifies Jack that she found Henderson on the satellite and that he is not far from him. Jack speeds up and turns off his headlights.

1:08 A.M.
When his car is just behind Henderson, Jack turns on the headlights. Henderson is blinded and swerves. Jack drives him off the road. Henderson crashes into an outdoor nursery. He gets out and shoots, but the police car protects Jack and Audrey.

1:09 A.M.
Jack returns fire. Henderson is out of ammo and tries to run, but Jack threatens to shoot him. Henderson says that if he dies, Heller will be killed too. His men have been tracking Heller from the retreat and will take him out if Henderson doesn’t contact them every fifteen minutes. A startled Audrey hears this. Jack has Henderson handcuff himself.

1:10 A.M.
Jack asks Chloe to patch him through to Heller and trace him on the satellite. She sends the feed to his PDA. Heller confirms for Jack that there is a helicopter above him and that there is a laser sight trained on him.

1:11 A.M.
Henderson knows that Jack won’t let Heller die, and he demands to be released. Heller hears Henderson over the phone and refuses to let Jack choose him over the tape. Heller takes responsibility because he didn’t obey him earlier. “I will not allow Logan and Henderson to use me as a pawn,” Heller says. He drives his car off a cliff and lands in a lake. As the car descends into the water, the helicopter retreats.

1:12 A.M.
Jack sees the car plummet on his PDA. He lunges at Henderson, blaming his thirst for power on the deaths of two real patriots — Palmer and Heller. “What happened to you?” Jack asks in exasperation as he raises his gun. Henderson doesn’t have the tape recording and he won’t tell him where it is. Audrey encourages Jack to kill him. Jack punches Henderson instead.

1:18 A.M.
Logan phones a power broker named Graham, who is surrounded by other men at computer stations. Logan wants to “cancel the action” against Henderson because the tape will be released if he is killed. Graham warns the President that Martha is suspicious and that Agent Pierce is feeding her information. Logan wants to handle his wife on his own.

1:19 A.M.
Martha questions another agent why Pierce was transferred in the middle of the night.

1:20 A.M.
Another Secret Service agent explains to Martha that it is a “sensitive issue” and that her husband wants to see her. The agent ushers her into a dimly lit room and locks her in. No one is in there and the phones do not work. Martha panics.

1:21 A.M.
Audrey is determined to get that tape and expose Logan in order to avenge what happened to her father. Jack thinks Henderson might have handed the tape off to someone before he captured him. He has Chloe check the satellite’s history and she finds that a car met Henderson. The car then returned back to the tarmac of the Van Nuys Airport near a plane that is preparing to take off.

1:22 A.M.
Jack asks Buchanan to have Curtis pick up Audrey and Henderson from the nursery. Although Jack wants to wait with Audrey, she begs him to go so that her father did not die in vain.

1:23 A.M.
Jack relents and gives Audrey a gun. Henderson is unconscious and bound. Since Henderson’s men will probably come looking for him, Jack warns her to not take calls so that they can’t trace her. He kisses her cheek, saying that he doesn’t feel right about leaving her. She urges him to get the tape back. “I will,” he says confidently.

1:29 A.M.
Karen voices her concern to Miles. They haven’t heard anything even though they gave Jack’s location to the President an hour ago. She is suspicious, but Miles brushes this off. Karen and Miles are alerted that Chloe escaped from the holding room after having a conversation with Shari. Karen orders Miles to find Chloe by tracing her use of CTU resources. They are sure she will try to contact Jack.

1:30 A.M.
Shari is brought to Karen’s office and she explains that Chloe threatened to send her for a psychiatric evaluation. Shari says that Chloe claimed Logan was framing Jack and was responsible for Palmer’s assassination. This news seems to confirm the doubts that Karen’s been feeling.

1:31 A.M.
Martha pounds on the locked door and Logan comes to see her. He tells her that he had Pierce transferred back to Washington. Logan admits that he never authorized the murder of Palmer, but someone who works for him was the shooter. Martha lashes out at him and can’t believe what she’s hearing. Logan implores her to stop asking questions or talking about this to other people. If his duplicity was exposed, it would be traumatic for the nation and lessen their credibility worldwide. He begs her to keep it a secret. “You’ve broken my heart,” she says. “I look at you and I hate you.” Although she cannot forgive him, she agrees to keep her mouth shut so that the American people won’t have to suffer.

1:40 A.M.
Graham convinces his three other conspirators to push through any doubts they have. Logan calls Graham and tells him that he will send Martha back to an institution if she doesn’t keep quiet. Graham articulates a veiled threat to Logan to control the situation.

1:42 A.M.
Henderson tries to convince Audrey to call for help because her father might have survived the crash. She is well aware that the only reason he wants her to do that is so his people can find them.

1:44 A.M.
Jack pulls up outside the airfield security gate and sees a private jet in the distance with a lot of security around it. He gets a call from Chloe, who informs him that the chopper following Heller is now headed toward Audrey. Curtis has not arrived there yet.

1:45 A.M.
Jack calls Audrey and urges her to get out of the nursery, but she refuses to leave the man who caused her father to die. The helicopter lands outside. She puts down the phone and trains the gun on Henderson, but she can’t shoot him.

1:46 A.M.
As Audrey runs deeper into the building, Henderson’s men arrive and cut him free. He orders them to kill her. Audrey is rescued by Curtis. His tac team captures Henderson and takes down the gunmen. Audrey calls Jack and tells him the good news. Jack instructs Curtis to bring them back to CTU. No one else should have access to Henderson.

1:47 A.M.
Jack calls Buchanan. Chloe has learned that the jet is a diplomatic flight and is scheduled to leave at 2:00 a.m. She is having trouble breaching the State Department’s firewall to check the passenger list.

1:48 A.M.
Jack sees a fuel truck driving through the airfield gate. Unnoticed, he runs up and grabs the back ladder. He climbs to the top and lays flat as it enters into the secured area.

1:53 A.M.
Once on the tarmac, Jack jumps onto another truck. He gets a call from Buchanan, who cannot delay the plane. Chloe isn’t having any luck obtaining the passenger list either.

1:55 A.M.
Miles finally locates Chloe’s remote access at Buchanan’s house. He doesn’t know why she would be tapping into the State Department’s database. Miles dispatches a tac team that is in the area to get her.

1:56 A.M.
Karen calls Novick and asks why her orders have switched from Gardner to the President. Novick admits that he doesn’t know what the secret evidence is against Jack because Logan has been keeping his own counsel. “It’s been a strange night,” Novick sighs. They both have suspicions but are afraid to express them.

1:57 A.M.
Karen looks up Buchanan’s home number and calls him from her cell. She warns him to get Chloe out because Miles has traced her there. Karen acknowledges that she made a mistake, but things started to make sense when Shari told her what Chloe said about Logan’s involvement.

1:58 A.M.
Although Buchanan urges her to leave, Chloe won’t stop working because Jack needs the passenger list.

1:59 A.M.
On the tarmac, Jack sees workers load baggage into the underbelly of the plane. He sneaks into the cargo door before it shuts. The plane revs its engines preparing for takeoff.