24 season 5 (11:00 -12:00) Episode 5

11:00 A.M.
The yellow tie man and his team transfer the canisters into a fake police SWAT van. They pull out of the hangar and exit the highly guarded airport.

11:02 A.M.
As Jack is being driven to CTU, he gets a call from Curtis who inquires about the yellow tie man’s possible location for escape.

11:03 A.M.
Evelyn is alarmed to find Martha passed out on the bed.

11:04 A.M.
Curtis pulls up security footage from outside the terminal and he sees the yellow tie man fleeing to a hangar outside the security zone. He goes there.

11:06 A.M.
When Curtis enters the hangar, no one’s there. He sees the hole left by the canisters. Curtis finds dead rats on the ground and he calls for forensics and biohazards to come in and inspect the premises.

11:07 A.M.
The yellow tie man moves the canisters to another truck. He tells his cohort Hank that “the Russians will finally understand the consequences of occupying our homeland.” The plan is to bomb Moscow.

11:08 A.M.
Logan comes to see his wife, who is groggy. She tries to explain to the doctor and Logan that someone knocked her out. Martha tells Logan that she had proof that Palmer called her to warn her about the day’s events. The document was hidden inside her blouse but it was stolen. The President still doesn’t believe her.

11:10 A.M.
Cummings advises Logan to send Martha back to a treatment facility in Vermont. Her conspiracy theories may leak to the media. Logan agrees to have her committed.

11:11 A.M.
Cummings assures Nathanson that Jack is en route to CTU. Cummings will take care of killing Jack because he has a mole on the inside.

11:16 A.M.
After getting confirmation from Curtis, Edgar lets Buchanan know that traces of weaponized nerve gas were found at the hangar. McGill orders forensics to figure out who manufactured it.

11:17 A.M.
Martha’s doctor tells Logan that he has no idea why she blacked out.

11:18 A.M.
Novick lets the President know that a second team of terrorists escaped from the airport with nerve gas.

11:20 A.M.
After seeing Chloe and Spenser argue, Edgar approaches her. He is upset that she has been keeping secrets from him about Jack and about her relationship with Spenser.

11:21 A.M.
Spenser returns a page from Cummings, who wants to know when Jack will arrive at CTU.

11:22 A.M.
McGill has Audrey question Diane Huxley because CTU is overextended. He is aware that the two women have something in common.

11:23 A.M.
Diane and Derek arrive at CTU. Audrey sends Derek to medical to be checked out. Diane is impressed by Jack’s former office. She asks Audrey if she knew Jack before.

11:28 A.M.
Everyone at CTU stops in their tracks when Jack walks in. He thanks Chloe for her help. McGill gives Jack a level two clearance and says that he is no longer a suspect in Palmer’s murder. He also updates him on the nerve gas discovery. McGill agrees with Jack that Palmer knew about the terrorist plot and was killed because of it.

11:30 A.M.
Buchanan tells Jack that Audrey is interviewing Diane.

11:31 A.M.
Audrey questions Diane on her personal relationship with Jack. Diane knew that Jack had secrets, but she “accepted him for who he was.” They stop talking when they see Jack outside. He and Audrey share a look.

11:33 A.M.
Audrey goes out of the office to see Jack for the first time. He says that he kept her in the dark for her own protection. Audrey explains that she was angry at first, but that she doesn’t blame him for Paul’s death anymore.

11:34 A.M.
Evelyn is concerned when Cummings has her pack Martha’s belongings. Cummings refuses to tell her where she is going.

11:35 A.M.
From the tech room’s monitors, Spenser sees Jack in the CTU hallway. Chloe comes in to explain to Spenser why she was abrupt. Spenser walks out annoyed. Chloe sees that Spenser had been logged in at a level five security clearance. She senses something isn’t right. Edgar confirms that Spenser only has a level three clearance. She asks Edgar to notify Buchanan immediately.

11:37 A.M.
Hank, the accomplice of yellow tie man, arrives at CTU posing as a computer repairman. Spenser runs out and apologizes to the guard that he was supposed to clear Hank in. Hank’s bag goes through x-ray. It has tools in it.

11:38 A.M.
Spenser leads Hank into the tech room, and shows him where the classified material on Jack is held. Hank gets to work assembling a gun out of the various pieces in his bag.

11:43 A.M.
Evelyn tells Martha that Cummings ordered her to pack her things because she’s going somewhere. Martha realizes that her husband is having her committed.

11:45 A.M.
Spenser is alarmed when his system is locked. Edgar watches smugly as two security guards apprehend Spenser.

11:46 A.M.
Spenser is brought to the situation room where Chloe and Buchanan are waiting. Buchanan accuses him of unauthorized access of classified files. Chloe wants to know why he seduced her. Spenser tells Buchanan that he was careless with Chloe and now she is trying to get back at him. Buchanan doesn’t buy it.

11:47 A.M.
Logan and Cummings go to Martha’s room, but she has disappeared out the bathroom window. Agent Pierce radios to the other agents to look for her.

11:53 A.M.
Jack confirms to McGill that no one other than Palmer, Tony, Michelle and Chloe knew that he was alive. He explains that he faked his own death because Palmer warned him that someone inside Logan’s Administration was targeting him. Jack thinks that whoever tried to kill him eighteen months ago is after him again. McGill notes that it would take months to weed out someone in the Administration. They are interrupted by a call from medical. Tony is conscious and wants to speak to Jack.

11:54 A.M.
Derek stops Jack as he’s heading to medical and apologizes for the way he has treated him. Jack knows that Derek was only protecting his mother. Jack promises to talk to him once this is all over.

11:55 A.M.
Spenser refuses to confess how he got a higher security clearance. Edgar pulls up Spenser’s system and sees that he was tracking Jack inside CTU. Spenser says that he was only following orders.

11:56 A.M.
As Tony lies in the medical bed, Jack leans down to speak to him. In the glare of the heart monitor, he sees an armed Hank behind him. Jack reacts and is able to knock the gun down. They fight, and Jack forces a pair of scissors into Hank’s throat.

11:57 A.M.
Hearing gunshots, Buchanan rushes in with the guards. Jack knows that this hit man was a professional. Buchanan tells him about Spenser, and Jack orders someone to monitor Tony.

11:58 A.M.
Jack goes to the situation room and pulls up surveillance from the medical wing. He makes Spenser see the image of a dead Hank. Jack demands to know if Spenser let him into CTU. Spenser says he was part of an internal affairs investigation and Hank was supposed to put taps on the servers. He seems confused to hear that Jack was to be assassinated. “Who told you to let that man into CTU?” Jack sneers. Spenser answers that Cummings from the White House recruited him to monitor whether CTU was working within the rules. Spenser was under the impression that he was serving the President.

11:59 A.M.
Jack, McGill and Buchanan decipher that Cummings was responsible for Palmer and is now after Jack. McGill warns that CTU cannot touch the President’s chief of staff. “I’m not CTU,” Jack says. “I’ll go get Walt Cummings myself.”