24 season 5 (12:00 –  1:00 A.M.) Episode 18

12:00 A.M.
Logan is not pleased that Henderson hasn’t killed Jack already. Henderson thinks that CTU can lead him to Jack.

12:02 A.M.
Logan calls Karen to reinforce his order that finding Jack is her top priority. Miles knows that they will need to use Audrey and Chloe to get to him.

12:04 A.M.
Jack and Wayne wait on the side of the road for Buchanan. Jack had asked him for help and explains the current situation. Jack needs Buchanan to take Wayne somewhere safe because he’s a target. Jack leaves to meet Secretary Heller to hand over the evidence.

12:05 A.M.
Audrey calls Jack when her father’s plane lands.

12:07 A.M.
Jack arrives at the airport, and Heller encourages him to turn himself in. Jack says he is being set up.

12:08 A.M.
Jack takes Audrey and Heller inside an empty hangar and plays them the tape recording. Logan gave the terrorists the Sentox gas, but planned to deploy the gas before it reached Moscow. This would provide him with an excuse to exercise the military terms of his arms treaty with Suvarov. Jack thinks it was a play to control the oil supply in central Asia and that David Palmer found out about it. Heller is not surprised at Logan’s actions. Jack asks Audrey to accompany her father to present this evidence to the Attorney General.

12:10 A.M.
Heller has his Secret Service detail arrest Jack. Heller believes that accusing Logan will destroy the essence of the presidency and cripple the nation. Heller plans to use the tape to convince Logan to step down quietly. He wants Audrey to go with him, but when she refuses, he has her kept by the agents too. Heller hands the tape recorder to one of the agents for safe keeping. As Heller leaves, Jack warns him that he won’t be able to trust Logan.

12:15 A.M.
Chloe is alarmed when she’s not invited to a high-level meeting in the situation room. She catches Shari, who is exiting the meeting, and gets her to admit that Miles found Audrey. Miles and Karen listen to this whole conversation from surveillance.

12:17 A.M.
Karen and Miles watch as Chloe goes to make a phone call. Miles decrypts her channel and traces the call to a payphone at the Van Nuys Airfield. Chloe does not connect with Audrey. Karen sends her teams to the airport.
Chloe accuses Shari of cooperating with Miles to set her up. “Miles is an idiot!” Chloe exclaims. “If anyone should know that it should be you!” The Homeland Security guards apprehend Chloe.

12:18 A.M.
Karen calls the President to tell him what they have uncovered. Logan orders her to pull back her agents because he is sending in the military. Karen is confused, but agrees to his wishes.
Logan notifies Henderson about CTU’s discovery.

12:19 A.M.
As they are tied up in the hangar, Jack tells Audrey that Henderson won’t allow Logan to negotiate with Heller. Heller is only making himself a target.
Karen calls Novick to ask why the White House is stepping in when she can take care of Jack. Novick says he will look into it.

12:20 A.M.
Novick goes in to see Vice President Gardner and asks him about Karen’s question. Gardner doesn’t know, but assumes the President made his decision for a reason.

12:22 A.M.
Still bothered by Logan’s strategy, Novick places a call to the general running military operations in Los Angeles. The general confirms that he did not receive a call from the President to pick up Jack.

12:23 A.M.
Novick tells Logan that he got a call from Karen about using the military to get Jack. He asks why he did not go through the general. Logan says he used a covert task force because he doesn’t want the Chinese to know that Jack is alive.

12:30 A.M.
Miles tells Chloe that if they find Audrey at the location she called then she is in trouble. As Miles leaves the holding room, Chloe slyly grabs his keycard from his jacket pocket. He locks her in, but Chloe uses the keycard to get out.

12:31 A.M.
Chloe grabs a laptop on the counter and makes her way down the corridor. Shari sees her and threatens to alert Miles. Chloe is forced to tell her that Jack’s evidence implicates President Logan. She also says that she knows Shari made up lies about Miles sexually harassing her. Chloe threatens to recommend her for a psych evaluation if she doesn’t cooperate. Shari allows Chloe to escape.

12:33 A.M.
Martha tries to convince her husband to get some sleep. Logan receives an urgent call from Secretary Heller, who has come to Los Angeles. “I think you know exactly what this is about,” Heller alludes.

12:34 A.M.
Martha asks what Heller wanted, but Logan brushes this off to an issue over martial law.

12:35 A.M.
Logan phones Henderson, who is about to board a chopper. Henderson thinks Jack got to Heller first but that Jack still has the tape. Logan wants him to call when he has the evidence.

12:40 A.M.
Martha approaches Agent Pierce in the corridor and asks him why Heller is there. She suspects something. Pierce says he will meet her near the stables to tell her what he knows.

12:41 A.M.
Heller lets the President know that he heard a recording of his conversation with Henderson. The tape is in a safe place. Heller knows that he allowed Henderson to kill Palmer. Logan admits that he was protecting the interests of the country regarding access to cheaper oil. Heller wants him to leave Jack and Audrey alone. He also demands that Logan resign in the morning with the promise that he will keep the recording under lock and key. He wants him to get Gardner so he can witness the letter of resignation.

12:45 A.M.
Chloe drives to Buchanan’s house, and he sets her up on his workstation. She’s worried that Jack and Audrey may already be in custody. “If CTU has Jack, it’s all my fault,” she sighs.

12:46 A.M.
Martha waits at the stables for Pierce and dials him on his cell. Suddenly, she hears a phone ringing. She finds Pierce’s cell on the ground. He is nowhere to be seen.

12:47 A.M.
Restrained to a pole, Jack looks up at the ceiling and sees a cluster of pipes. He shimmies up and presses his wrists against the scalding pipe. Jack grits his teeth against the pain as the heat melts his plastic restraints. He jumps down and grabs a set of pliers to snip Audrey’s off.

12:48 A.M.
When the Secret Service agent comes back to check on them, Jack knocks the man down and takes his gun. Audrey puts the restraints on the agent.

12:52 A.M.
Jack takes a gun away from the other Secret Service agent. Suddenly, a helicopter roars overhead. It’s Henderson’s black ops team. They shoot at Jack and the agent. Jack explains to the agent that they have come for the tape recording. Jack gives the agent back his gun, and they fire back at the chopper. The agent is hit, and Jack takes the tape recorder from his jacket. Henderson runs into the hangar.

12:54 A.M.
Henderson has his gun trained on Audrey and demands the tape recording. Jack asks why he is protecting Logan, but Henderson says he is only protecting the integrity of the government. He allows Audrey to walk towards Jack. Blood drips from her hand and Henderson says that he has cut her brachial artery. She will bleed to death in a few minutes. Jack has no choice but to toss the tape recorder to him. With the evidence secured, Henderson runs out of the hangar. Jack makes a tourniquet out of a wire to stop Audrey’s arm from bleeding further.

12:57 A.M.
Heller gives Logan a resignation to sign. Gardner is summoned in. Before Logan can explain to him what is going on, he gets a call from Henderson who confirms that he has the tape recording. Logan then tells Gardner that he has asked for Heller’s resignation because he has accused the President of conspiracy. When Heller insists that Logan was complicit with the nerve gas and sanctioned Palmer’s assassination, Logan wants to know where the evidence is. Heller is stunned as the President orders the Secret Service to remove him from the retreat.


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