24 season 5 (13:00 -15:00) Episode 7,8

1:00 P.M.
Cummings explains to Jack and Logan that a man named Nathanson recruited him. They were acting as patriots to secure oil interests. Chloe tracks Nathanson but his line has been disconnected. The terrorists are now operating on their own. Jack believes Cummings’ story.

1:04 P.M.
Logan doesn’t know what to do next, but Jack verifies that CTU will take over. If Jack needs to disappear again, he doesn’t want his daughter to know that he is still alive. Logan asks Jack to serve the office of the President even though he is not Palmer. He wants to reinstate Jack, regardless of what political ramifications will occur. Their urgent need is to recover the nerve gas before millions are killed.

1:05 P.M.
One of Erwich’s men cannot figure out how to arm the canisters after Schaeffer locked them. He urges Erwich to forget about retaliation against the Americans because their true enemy is the Russians. Erwich warns him not to disobey orders.

1:06 P.M.
McGill’s sister Jenny calls him from a payphone asking for $500. He is annoyed, but she swears she is not using drugs anymore. McGill won’t let her come to CTU to get the money because he is embarrassed of her. Jenny threatens to hurt herself, so McGill agrees to meet her in a parking lot across from the office.

1:08 P.M.
CTU learns that the canisters are useless without the detonation codes.

Erwich gets a call from a man named Jacob Rossler, who has been asked to help him reconfigure the activation device. Rossler needs Erwich to cut into the canisters in order to get the identification keys so that he can set up new remote triggers.

1:09 P.M.
Buchanan lets Audrey know that President Logan has reinstated Jack with full autonomy and access. Chloe gets a tap on Erwich’s phone and she plays back his conversation with Rossler. Edgar traces the call to a landline in downtown Los Angeles.

1:10 P.M.
Buchanan calls Jack, who is in a helicopter, with the location of Rossler. Rossler is a software programmer who was indicted for high security code infiltration. Jack asks for schematics of the building and for Curtis to meet him there with a small team.

1:11 P.M.
Chloe alerts Buchanan that the security system in Rossler’s building uses a proprietary technology that is hard to hack into. She wants Spenser to help because he has more experience with it than her and Edgar combined. Edgar thinks this is a bad idea because Spenser had been spying on them. Buchanan relents on the condition that Spenser wears a security wristband.

Jack calls Audrey. He asks her to call his daughter Kim and bring her to CTU. He wants to tell her that he is alive in person.

1:12 P.M.
Erwich enters an auto body shop and threatens to kill a mechanic unless he helps them cut some metal.

1:18 P.M.
Spenser is brought of out holding. He tries to thank Chloe for having him reinstated, but she says that she only needs his help with hacking. She does not forgive him.

Although Martha is still agitated with her husband, she doesn’t want to fight. She thinks he will need her because things are going to get rough for him. She slaps him, cautioning, “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

1:19 P.M.
Novick comes in, and Logan apologizes to both him and Martha. The President wants to discuss the Cummings problem with Martha present. Novick thinks they can cover up Cummings’ involvement in Palmer’s murder to protect the credibility of the office of the President. Martha is appalled, and she insists that the American public doesn’t like being lied to. Logan agrees and asks her to help draw up a press statement for him.

1:21 P.M.
With the mechanic ready, Rossler gives Erwich instructions on how to cut the canister.

1:22 P.M.
Curtis and his team meet Jack’s chopper on the roof of Rossler’s building. Chloe radios to Jack as Spenser monitors the men guarding Rossler. Jack wants Spenser to shut down the security cameras so that he can enter, but the cameras can only be disrupted for thirty seconds because they will reboot themselves.

1:24 P.M.
Erwich gives the mechanic directions to cut the metal but doesn’t tell him what is inside when the man questions him. Erwich recalls how his wife is in a prison and his son is being held in a state-run facility. “This is about justice, about ending tyranny,” Erwich says, explaining that the government is his enemy. The mechanic begins slicing the canister.

1:32 P.M.
The mechanic opens the canister so that Erwich can make out the LED numbers of the ID keys.

1:33 P.M.
Spenser overrides the security cameras at Rossler’s building so that Jack and Curtis can raid the premises. A guard alerts Rossler that there might be a breach with a warning to remain in his office.

1:34 P.M.
As the elevator reaches the penthouse, Chloe lets Jack know that there are men with automatic weapons on the floor. Jack and Curtis come out firing when the door opens. Curtis is hit in his flak jacket, so Jack proceeds to Rossler’s office.

1:35 P.M.
Chloe tells Jack that Rossler is armed, and Jack quickly shoots him in the leg. Rossler tosses his handgun. Jack orders his backup teams to come in. Chloe says that there is someone else in the penthouse, so Curtis covers Rossler.

1:36 P.M.
Jack finds a young girl with bruises hiding in the bedroom. In her Russian accent, she says that her name is Inessa and Rossler was keeping her captive. Jack approaches her gently and leads her out of the room, promising that he will help her. He tells the medic not to give Rossler any pain medication for his wound.

1:37 P.M.
Jack handles the interrogation while CTU listens in, but Rossler is unyielding. Jack even has Curtis step on Rossler’s wound. Rossler demands full immunity, his assets sent to a foreign country and Inessa to be given to him. Jack says no, and he has Curtis inflict pain on the man some more.

1:38 P.M.
McGill radios Jack and orders him to accept the deal. McGill tells Buchanan to make sure that Jack follows the plan while he steps out.

1:39 P.M.
Jack begrudgingly tells Rossler that he will be granted his conditions. Rossler wants the agreement signed by the Attorney General. He will only talk when he sees the document.

1:44 P.M.
McGill goes outside and meets up with his sister Jenny. He hands her the number of a doctor who can help her. Suddenly, a guy jumps out and punches McGill, taking his wallet. Jenny apologizes to her brother and leaves with the man.

1:45 P.M.
Chloe is uncomfortable as she directs Spenser to hand his work over to Edgar. Spenser wants to keep working, but Chloe is adamant that his reinstatement is over now that Rossler is in custody. Spenser is escorted out by guards. Edgar tries to console Chloe for doing the right thing. “Shut up, Edgar,” she snaps.

1:46 P.M.
Rossler tells Jack that he only first talked to Erwich a half hour ago. He was put in touch with him by a Russian associate who is a commander in the resistance army. Erwich will be calling him back with the identification keys in the canisters so that he can reprogram the trigger with an updated chip. Rossler is going to deliver the chip to him at a location Erwich decides. Rossler won’t turn over the chip to Jack until he sees the paperwork granting his freedom.

1:49 P.M.
Jack calls Buchanan, who says that the Attorney General will be sending the papers in a few minutes. CTU hasn’t found much on Inessa, who is fifteen and was listed as missing from Kiev. Jack tells Rossler that he can’t take Inessa. Rossler calls it a deal breaker.

1:54 P.M.
Martha thinks Logan should take responsibility for Cummings’ actions and offer swift punishment. Logan is happy to work with his wife again. Novick calls and urgently asks the President to meet him in the hallway.

1:55 P.M.
As the Secret Service cuts the strap that Cummings has hanged himself with, Logan and Martha enter, horrified.

1:56 P.M.
Jack calls Audrey to find out if she contacted Kim. Audrey promises to try her again.

1:57 P.M.
Inessa asks Jack when she can return home. He carefully explains that he needs her to go with Rossler, but that agents will follow her and take her away from him. Jack swears that he won’t let anything happen to her, but Inessa doesn’t trust him. “You are no different from Rossler,” she says.

1:58 P.M.
After the mechanic finishes cutting open the last canister, Erwich calmly shoots him. One of the men inputs all the codes into a PDA. Erwich orders them to load all the canisters back into the truck. Erwich calls Rossler’s number from his sat phone. Jack has Rossler answer, and Erwich sends him the codes over text message. Rossler says he can have the chip ready in ten minutes. Erwich will call him back with a location.

1:59 P.M.
Jack has Rossler wired, and he takes Inessa to leave. Suddenly, Inessa pulls a gun from her shirt and plugs Rossler with two shots. Jack lunges for the gun, but Rossler is already dead. With Erwich calling back shortly, they have no other link to the nerve gas.