24 season 5 (4:00 – 5:00 A.M.) Episode 22

4:00 A.M.
Chloe sets up a feed to the Attorney General and to Congress. Yet when she tests the recording, there is nothing but white noise. Chloe remembers that Miles came in, claiming that Karen had him check up on her.

4:02 A.M.
Jack heads to the bullpen, and Karen calls for security to stop him. Jack punches the guard. He then grabs Miles by the throat and accuses him of obstructing the case. Karen orders Jack to let him go.

4:03 A.M.
Miles says that he has been transferred and Karen asks where. “The White House,” Jack sneers. Miles’ silence serves as an admission. Karen threatens to investigate, and Miles informs her that he now works for the President. Karen slaps him hard on the face. He leaves CTU.

4:05 A.M.
Karen sends Chloe to try to restore the tape.

4:06 A.M.
Logan quizzes Karen about a conference call with the Attorney General, but she claims it was a mistake. Logan wants to suspend the arrest for Jack because the evidence he has is “inconclusive.” Jack knows that Logan intends to make him an unobstructed target.

4:07 A.M.
CTU gets word that Bierko escaped from the transfer to District. The one agent who survived the attack on the van heard Bierko mention a nerve gas canister and tell his men that they “are not finished.” CTU had assumed all the canisters were destroyed in the gas plant explosion. Karen makes finding Bierko the new priority.

4:08 A.M.
Bierko’s man shows him the one canister kept in reserve.

4:13 A.M.
Martha gives Pierce’s cell phone to an agent on duty in hopes that it will be returned to him in Washington where he was transferred.

4:14 A.M.
Logan comes to see Pierce in the stables at the retreat. Pierce has been beaten and his hands are bound. Logan tells him that the tape recording no longer exists. Logan threatens him to save his own career in the Secret Service. Pierce calls Logan a traitor and a disgrace to the office.

4:16 A.M.
An agent named Adams tells Logan that Pierce is loyal to Palmer. Logan doesn’t say anything, and Adams understands what to do.

4:17 A.M.
Logan calls Graham and lets him know that the recording has been destroyed and Pierce is being taken care of. The arrangements to take out Jack have been put into motion.

4:19 A.M.
Novick brings the President news that Bierko escaped and is planning another attack. Logan is furious.

4:20 A.M.
Chloe cannot find any trace of Bierko on satellites or security cameras. Karen and Buchanan suggest offering a deal to Henderson in return for information on Bierko. Jack is adamant that they don’t because Henderson killed Palmer. Yet with no other option, Jack relents.

4:21 A.M.
Jack goes to Henderson in the holding room and tries to appeal to his patriotic sense. Henderson can tell Jack is not happy to be offering full immunity. Henderson’s only protection was that tape and now it’s gone. He will be killed if he is set free. Henderson offers to help Jack catch Bierko if they allow him to go underground with his wife

4:29 A.M.
Henderson gives up fourteen names that he thinks Bierko will contact. Jack has Chloe run a search.

4:30 A.M.
Jack tells Audrey that Henderson is helping them find Bierko. Audrey is angry that the man who tried to kill her father was offered immunity. Jack apologizes to her.

4:31 A.M.
Chloe finds that Victor Malina, one of the people on Henderson’s list, just got a call from a payphone in Van Nuys which was then called by a GSM satellite phone. Henderson warns them that it will take too long to roll Malina. He suggests that he go and talk to Malina himself. Jack knows Henderson can’t be trusted, but Karen and Buchanan decide that they have no other choice. Karen orders Jack to accompany Henderson. Jack threatens to kill Henderson if something goes awry.

4:33 A.M.
Martha is outside smoking a cigarette when she sees a government sedan pull into the stables.

4:34 A.M.
Agent Adams exits the sedan with a gun. The trunk of the car is lined in plastic. He takes the bound Pierce from the stable, but Pierce fights back. Martha walks in and surprises Adams with Pierce. Adams cannot shoot the First Lady, and this allows Pierce to kick him. Adams loses his gun. Just as Adams is about to hit Pierce with a tire iron, Martha grabs the gun and shoots Adams. She is in shock and drops the gun.

4:40 A.M.
Curtis drives Jack and Henderson to Victor Malina’s loft. Henderson won’t wear a wire because Malina will find it. Jack gives him only ten minutes to get information. Curtis sets teams around the perimeter.

4:41 A.M.
Henderson goes to the building and Malina lets him into the heavily-secured complex. Jack hoists himself up to the roof.

4:42 A.M.
At the door, Malina x-rays Henderson over the Backscatter monitor. There is nothing on him, and he is allowed entry.

4:43 A.M.
Jack affixes a sonar device to the skylight over Malina’s loft. He hears Henderson tell Malina to secure-cache his files because Jack and CTU are outside. Jack radios Curtis to move his teams in because Henderson welched on his promise.

4:44 A.M.
Malina starts crashing his own system as Curtis’s teams blast through the building entry. Jack breaks in from the roof. Henderson takes Malina’s gun and ducks. Malina fires at the TAC team, hitting Curtis in the shoulder. Jack shoots Malina and he makes Henderson come out from hiding.

4:46 A.M.
Jack accuses Henderson of trying to play him, but Henderson says that he was getting Malina to drop the firewall and download all his files onto a flash drive. Jack came in too soon and now the files are all decrypted on the mainframe. Jack doesn’t know what the truth is, but sends Chloe the files from Malina’s computer.

4:52 A.M.
Pierce tells Martha that Logan ordered Adams to kill him. Martha says she knows about the whole plot, but she can no longer remain silent. Pierce needs Logan to believe that he’s dead, so he has her go back inside and pretend nothing is different. Pierce asks her to tell Novick.

4:54 A.M.
Chloe uncovers Defense documents on Malina’s computer for a Russian submarine that is in America for inspection by the Navy. Karen explains that the Logan treaty called for the sharing of technology. Henderson confirms that the sub named Natalia would have multiple, non-nuclear warheads.

4:55 A.M.
Jack has Audrey contact the ranking U.S. officer on the Russian sub. Jack takes Henderson with him in a helicopter. He needs Henderson because he knows the weapon systems.

4:56 A.M.
Audrey connects Jack to the U.S. Navy officer aboard the submarine Natalia. Jack orders the Lieutenant to lock down the weapons system because the Natalia might be under siege by terrorists who will try to apprehend its missiles.

4:57 A.M.
The Lieutenant goes through the top hatch and Bierko shoots him. Jack hears the gunshots and has Audrey warn Defense.

4:48 A.M.
Bierko drops a Sentox canister into the hatch of the sub and releases the gas. The crew of the submarine falls to their deaths.

4:59 A.M.
Bierko and his gas-masked men board the sub. Bierko plugs a code that he got from Malina into a console. This allows him to take control of the sub’s weapons system.