24 season 5 (8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.) Episode 14

8:00 P.M.
As the medic workers wrap up Tony’s body, Audrey comes to tell Jack that Henderson has escaped. However, Chloe was able to decrypt a file on his computer and she found an intelligence broker named Collette Stenger who is a known associate of Bierko.

8:01 P.M.
Jack tells Curtis that he wants to accompany the tactical team going to look for Collette at the hotel she has checked into.

8:02 P.M.
As Logan prepares to formally declare martial law, Martha comes in and dismisses Gardner from the room. She lets her husband know that Novick found out that CTU has a lead on Bierko. Logan believes CTU cannot handle anything at this point. Martha suggests that Gardner’s true intention is to see Logan go down. The President does not respond.

8:04 P.M.
Logan goes to the press podium and announces that Los Angeles will be under a curfew enforced by the military. Bierko watches this on television.

8:05 P.M.
Karen Hayes and Miles Papazian enter CTU. Karen wants all able workers of CTU to still be operating. Homeland will assume full control after the nerve gas canisters are found.

8:06 P.M.
Buchanan greets Karen, who informs him that the White House wants an assessment of how Homeland can assist them. She orders Miles to check out CTU’s networks.

8:07 P.M.
Miles approaches Chloe and asks for Edgar’s work station because it is empty. She is disgruntled when Miles takes her keycard. Chloe sees him place it into a box on the desk.

8:08 P.M.
As the President and Vice President watch news coverage of the martial law movement, Martha eyes Gardner warily. She walks outside mutters “I don’t trust him” to Agent Pierce under her breath.

8:09 P.M.
Pierce gets a call from Wayne Palmer on his cell phone. Wayne knew that his brother trusted Aaron, and he asks if he can come there to give him something from the former President. Pierce agrees to find a discreet place to meet.

8:10 P.M.
When news commentators suggest that the enactment of martial law might be an illegal action, Logan becomes angry. Gardner assures him that he is in control of the situation.

Buchanan briefs Karen about the threat assessment on Bierko. He is confident that CTU will soon be back at full speed.

8:11 P.M.
Stoller asks Collette about her business, but she is adamant to not reveal anything. She kisses him goodbye and says she will meet him at the airport.

8:12 P.M.
Collette calls Bierko and tells him that she is on her way there with the information he asked for. Although their new target, the Distribution Center, might prove difficult, it will allow the Sentox gas to be released on 200,000 people.

8:17 P.M.
Buchanan accuses Karen of preparing to shut CTU down. She admits that CTU is being absorbed by Homeland Security, which puts her in charge of it. Buchanan argues that his staff is not demoralized or beaten. Since the decision has already been made, she wants the news kept under wraps.

8:18 P.M.
Audrey asks Buchanan why Homeland is aggressively surveying the workers. He says it is only a formality.

8:19 P.M.
Jack, Curtis and the TAC team go to Collette’s hotel room, but it’s empty. Curtis heads to the roof, where he is attacked by Stoller and loses his gun. Jack arrives and there is a standoff. Stoller sees their CTU bags and then identifies himself as working for the German Federal Intelligence Service. He asks Jack to leave so that his cover isn’t blown.

8:22 P.M.
Jack calls Chloe, who confirms Stoller’s claim. Stoller refuses to lead them to Collette because it would jeopardize his undercover operation to expose the terrorist cells she is connected to. Jack explains that hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake, but Stoller’s allegiance is to his own country.

8:23 P.M.
Although Stoller has been granted permission by the U.S. government to conduct his investigation, Jack takes him into custody.

8:28 P.M.
Collette pulls up to Bierko’s safe house in a red sports car. She is frisked.

8:29 P.M.
Buchanan and Karen explain to Jack that Logan could not get in touch with the German Chancellor to expedite the matter. Audrey says that German intelligence won’t order their agent to cooperate. Jack thinks he can change Stoller’s mind, and he asks Curtis to leave him alone with the man.

8:30 P.M.
Jack offers Stoller something more valuable to the Germans than Collette. He says he can provide the United States government’s roster of all known terrorist suspects around the world. The Germans have requested this WET list many times before. Jack doesn’t work for CTU and can give it up. Stoller agrees to the trade, and says he will be able to spot a fake list because he knows several names on it.

8:31 P.M.
Jack calls Chloe and asks her to use the CTU backdoor to NSA’s mainframe to get him the WET list. Chloe can’t because Homeland took away her keycard, but she will figure out something.

8:32 P.M.
Chloe goes to Miles at Edgar’s old desk. She pretends to stumble and knocks over his cup of coffee onto him. Miles goes to the restroom to clean himself off and Chloe steals her keycard out of the box on the desk. She pops it into Edgar’s computer and calls up the NSA list. She calls Jack and uploads it to his PDA.

8:33 P.M.
Chloe quickly clears the screen and replaces the keycard back into the box. Miles returns to his desk and sees right away that the box is slightly askew. It’s something only he would notice. He opens it up to find Chloe’s keycard on top of the pile. He looks at Chloe suspiciously.

Stoller confirms that the WET list is legitimate, but Jack takes the memory card from him. He will give it back once Collette is in custody. Stoller says he is supposed to meet Collette in the parking lot of Van Nuys Airport. He and Jack leave the hotel.

8:34 P.M.
Collette readies her overseas bank for the money transfer and hands Bierko a thumb drive. Yet when he tries to open it, the file is encrypted. Collette won’t budge and orders him to transfer the funds. Bierko does and Collette tells him the decryption key. A schematic of a gas distribution facility becomes visible on the computer screen. Bierko has his men torch the safe house as they move out.

8:40 P.M.
An aide warns Gardner that Wayne Palmer has arrived at one of the roadblocks established during martial law. Wayne is claiming to have high-level clearance and is there on official business. Gardner is concerned over this development.

8:41 P.M.
Wayne is cleared for passage and is let through the roadblock.

8:42 P.M.
Jack sits in the back of Stoller’s car in the airport parking lot. Curtis waits in position for Jack to confirm Collette. Stoller asks Jack if he has ever grown attached to a woman while working undercover. Jack’s silence confirms this.

8:43 P.M.
Buchanan asks Chloe to come into the situation room. She is ambushed by Karen and Miles, who have proof of her hacking into an NSA file and sending it to Jack. They force Chloe to admit that she passed him the WET list. Karen is furious. “And you expected us to give your agents a chance?” she sneers at Buchanan.

8:44 P.M.
Jack’s cell phone rings, and Stoller orders him to put it on speaker because he doesn’t trust him. It is Karen and Buchanan. She demands that he get the WET list back from Stoller, but Jack refuses because it will endanger the mission. Karen threatens to retrieve it, but Jack says that she will be responsible for every life lost in the next attack. Since this will diminish the United States’ ability to prevent terrorist attacks in the future, they will need the President’s authorization. “Get it!” Jack insists.

8:45 P.M.
Curtis radios that a woman fitting Collette’s description is circling the lot in a red sports car. Jack asks Karen to quickly make her decision. She has no other choice but to let him proceed. “I promise you, there will be repercussions,” she snaps. Stoller is assured that he will get the WET list.

8:46 P.M.
Collette parks near Stoller’s car. Jack watches from the mirror as Stoller approaches her. They kiss. Jack radios to Curtis that he has a positive identification and that teams should move in.

8:47 P.M.
Jack gets out of the car and holds Collette at gunpoint. She is shocked, and looks sadly at Stoller who has betrayed her. With the WET list, Stoller gets in his car and drives away. Jack frisks Collette and puts her in handcuffs. She remains silent when he asks where Bierko is.

8:48 P.M.
As Stoller drives, he calls someone to warn them that he is about to upload something. He places the memory card into his PDA and presses a few buttons. Suddenly, smoke and sparks emanate from the device. Jack calls Stoller and apologizes. He promises to help him rebuild his investigation when this is all over. “I had your word,” Stoller says. “Now I know what its worth.”

8:54 P.M.
In a nearby hangar where the TAC team has set up a staging area, Curtis reports that Collette has nothing on her that reveals what she sold to Bierko. Jack tells Collette that Stoller is German intelligence. She is surprised and assumes he sold her out for a price. Collette admits that she had feelings for Stoller, and never suspected him because she believed he had feelings as well. Jack presses her on Bierko’s whereabouts. She wants to talk to him alone.

8:55 P.M.
Collette asks Jack what his price is, but he replies that he is not for sale. In order for her to divulge anything, Collette demands full immunity signed by the President. Yet she doesn’t know where Bierko is because he was already leaving the safe house to carry out the attack. Collette is unaware what kind of schematic she sold him because her source encrypted the files and didn’t tell her what was in it. She will give up her source in exchange for immunity.

8:56 P.M.
Jack calls CTU and lays out Collette’s demands. Karen has Miles call Novick to start the immunity paperwork. Jack explains that he programmed the memory card with the WET list to self-destruct. He couldn’t tell them before because he had Stoller in the car. Buchanan notes to Karen that this is proof that CTU is doing its job and should maintain its autonomy.

8:57 P.M.
Wayne is driving along a deserted road when a black van speeds up behind him. Masked gunmen in the van shoot at his wheel. Wayne spins out of control and his car flips over a small ridge. The gunmen head towards the accident. Wayne manages to kick open the car door and climb out. His hand is bleeding. Wayne runs into the woods to escape.

8:58 P.M.
On the phone with her lawyers in Europe, Collette confirms that her immunity has been granted. She tells Jack where Bierko’s safe house is and that she received her information from Audrey Raines at the Department of Defense. Jack slams Collette against the wall and accuses her of lying. “Apparently, she had a price,” she says about Audrey.