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Linode Servers

Video Screencasts

Getting Started
Deploying Linux and booting your Linode for the first time

Lish: the Linode Shell
Out of band access to your Linode’s console and remote job execution


Distro Wizard

Distro Wizard
This is your first step when deploying your Linode. Choose your flavor of linux, disk image size, swap size, and set the root password. Your own server deployed and running in minutes! Leave yourself extra disk space and experiment with other distributions knowing you can flip back to your old reliable (only one can be booted at a time per Linode). Now you can back up those distro flame wars with experience.


Configuration Profile Edit
The Dashboard shows your Linode’s current state, allows you to boot between configuration profiles and shows your Linode’s job history on its host server.

Configuration Profiles

Configuration Profile Edit
Configuration Profiles store disk image to device node associations and other settings. You can have multiple profiles and boot between them.

Disk Images

Disk Edit
Add as many disk images as you like for custom partition schemes and sharing disk images across multiple configuration profiles. Running low on disk space? Add more instantly and resize your image. Want to reconfigure your swap? No problem. Rename, duplicate (snapshot), delete images — you’re in control.

DNS Manager

DNS Manager HomeHome

DNS Manager AXFR ImportAXFR

DNS Manager EditEdit Zone

Full featured DNS to manage your domains. Master and slave support and you can import a zone from a remote nameserver.

Lish – The Linode Shell

We’ve all done it at some point. Messed with your network settings and can’t get into your Linode? No worries – Lish is your virtual console. Lish’s primary function is to allow you access to your server’s console, even if networking is disabled.

Clone your Linode

Clone an entire configuration or just the images you select to another Linode. Combine with the IP failover feature and create your own high-availability cluster.

IP Failover

Configure what IPs you own are allowed to come up on each Linode.

Finnix Recovery Distro

The Finnix recovery distribution occupies no disk space on your Linode account and is useful for recovering from screw ups.


Our Linode Manager control panel gets your jobs done.

  • Deploy multiple Linux distributions
  • Create Configuration Profiles which associate disk images and device nodes
  • Boot between configuration profiles
  • Share disk images between configuration profiles
  • Resize disk images
  • Network and CPU usage graphs
  • Multiple IP address support
  • Managed/hosted DNS service with slave support
  • Custom reverse DNS (rdns)
  • Access Out of band console access using Lish
  • Lish menu system to issue jobs to your Linode
  • Lish access via SSH keys
  • Support for booting into single user mode, init=/bin/bash
  • Support for booting with a custom “root=” kernel parameter
  • Support for booting with an initrd
  • Bootable recovery distribution (Finnix)
  • Add and remove extra resources to and from your Linode
  • Shutdown Watchdog will automatically reboot your Linode in case of a crash
  • Clone a Linode to another
  • Move IPs from one Linode to another
  • IP address fail over support for high availability setups